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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

YWJ Re-imagining YM Issue.

So I've been looking forward to this issue for some time. Been to the workshops @ NYWC on Re-thinking YM. Been part of a blog experiment on Re-thinking YM. Hearing some dialogue @ and some friends from The Riddle Group. So needless to say I thought: "Man, I hope this is a Good issue." Unfortunately YWJ dropped the Ball. 12 pages of Tool Reviews. 8 pages of Culture Update. The interview with Tony Campolo - only the last few paragraphs dealed with the Issue's theme. Mark Yaconelli's article on Practicing the Presence of Jesus was great. Mark Matlock's article I could of did without the "Hey kids this is how you do YM in these steps" methods. Jeff Strong's article almost seemed to be a restating of Mike Yaconelli's Failure of YM bit, and what YS has been saying for some time. Steve Case's article hit home, and as always was worth the page it was written on.

The Last page, Stirring it up ... "More than Four" was a joke right? Quoting Ron Luce's stat and then challenging us (Almost reads like a devotional than hot topic) to have spiritual intensity. (That pretty much sums up the article). What gets me is near the end (Second to last paragraph) He (David Perkins) states his vision statement ... as if we need more purpose and vision statements? Whatever happened to challenging, stirring the pot, asking the tough questions. Unfortunately this is one issue I'm disappointed in.

I wish they'd mention youth ministry in the emergent church. Rethinking doing it. Family based YM. Having guys like Tony Jones or Mark Riddle talk about ministry in the postmodern era ... Somehow I just don't get it.