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Saturday, November 27, 2004

This is from the Late-Nite Option Re-Imagining youth Ministry.

The prologue to this dialogue was the session

What's Wrong with Youth Ministry?

Mark Riddle was facilitating.
had Mike from Youthfront; and Jim Hancock - Justice Mission.

They had 60 minutes.

The idea of "consumerism"
the church is broken; can't fix youth youth ministry without fixing the church.

Plateau gone after High School.
Tendency to not let kids think on their own.
Youth Ministry independent of the church rather than the whole community.

"Youth Ministry is the bastard child"

We're discontent to dream along with God.

Two Things we need to address

1. The Role of Youth Pastor
2. Measure of Success

The metrics of discipleship hard. The church is focused on an assembly rather than storytelling.

Measure Success? How can you measure it? Through Sunday school attendance; Baptisms?

98% of measuring success isn't worth measuring?

successful being defined as:

1. Trying to get it right.
2. One kid at a time.
3. Measure = dangerous.
4. Individual life changing measuring.

(In here the dialogue was interesting from one say disillusioned and example of kids just showing up; and another saying 10 healthy signs; and another saying they need a Full time Youth pastor)

The #, performance and that its a journey and not the 10 healthy signs; not a goal but a journey. Success really couldn't be measured.

The environment outside of our faith communities. Learning is more important than teaching. We need to have the generations know one other and showing yp in each other's lives. That everyone views themselves as a youth pastor; and integrates the church body. This weighs in the whole idea of mentorship and discipleship.

Its the matter in the doing. Change is difficult. It rises and falls with leadership.

(Let me insert here that several of us tried to dialogue as well; and well the Hurting youthworker was awesome. The guy who said we need a Full Time youth pastor - well was off; and blamed everything on his part timer; and well there was a youthworker who stated it was about having principles and values (To which I wanted to shout just buy Andy Stanley's book and shut up!!). Of course when I spoke (Which was several times - even out of turn and Island Builder (Bill) had to come behind me) I compared the church to a whore; a prostitute - that we had made her this way - we don't need youth pastors; and that (Like Hosea) God wants his Bride not abused and given over to comsumerism. (I wonder why no one talked to me afterwards; perhaps because it was true?)

Anyways besides just complaining and that of market culture The Church needs to

1. Repent
2. Stop marketing. Show people the church as the prostitute she is; and well people would be embarrassed.

The role of the Youth pastor needs to change - to live with integrity. We don't have it; but everyone leads.
Volunteer and love the organic.

3 things we need to do:

1. Be Risktakers on the journey
2. Vision - know the mission and build community.
3. Have purpose.

98% of things we need to throw away. No sacred cows - let's make burgers.

Show love, Be in the presence of God
Create an environment not a program. Be authentic.

As the dialogue ended it left more questions than answers but the question remained how can we re-imagine youth ministry and change the church?