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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The more I have been trying to effect change within the church I am at, the more I see that the only thing that I can do is to love people right where they are at. I have tried so many things to move the church towards community- thinking that there might be some kind of switch that flips.
Well that hasn't been the case- but there have been switches flipped. Some good, some bad. I have a great group of youth who I truely believe get what a community of faith is all about. I think that maybe what I am being called to do is not to change the church, but to change the next generation.
I am going to keep plugging away- telling what is on my heart- struggling with the status quo of Churchâ„¢, but I also realize that change is happening. Not sweeping change, but subtle changes.
There have been some scary things to come out of being such an open youth ministry... I will share that in a later post. I will say that sometimes- ok all the time- being open and seeing others open is not a pleasant thing. Issue come out, and once out you can't just ignore them and pretend that everything is fine. It is amazing what is lying just underneath the surface for some of my kids. <><