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Uh... we are re-imagining youth ministry.


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Sunday, August 31, 2003

I"m taking a break from public blogging and internet message boards and forums for the month of September. I'm still accepting emails from people and arranging the new pass on the word about people telling their stories.
I'm planning on being in New Mexico with the Emergent Friends, where I'm sure the topic of youth ministry in the emerging church will come up.
I'm speaking at National Youthworkers Convention in St; Louis in November and then both of the emergent conventions next year in Nashvegas and San Diego. So if you want to talk to me personally email me and I'll get to you.. otherwise I won't be posting here for around 30 days.

Friday, August 29, 2003

A new article on 'middle school ministry' has been published on Youth Specialties.
Any comments from the reimagination crowd?

Friday, August 15, 2003

Tony Biasell has started a blog to talk about emerging ways to "do Christian camp." His blog is called Reimagining Camp. Check it out.
Is anyone in the world out there?
Please read this whole thing.
Do you know anyone else who desires to rethink youth ministry?
Anyone who might say something like a youth worker named John said to me yesterday.
paraphrased- "I love kids. I'm called to work with youth. I hate youth ministry."
Are you contemplating working for UPS so you can be faithful to your call in student ministry?
Are you humbly (<~~~ a key word) seeking God and desire to be faithful in any situation. (ideal or not)
Does it seem like you speak a differently language than the leadership of your church. Do you find yourself honestly wondering if there's a possibility God might want to remove your sr pastor instead of you having to leave...
Are you contemplating leaving vocational ministry to youth for another job because your vision for student ministry is different? Very different.
Do you find yourself second guessing everything you've ever done in youth ministry?
Do you see that the way you've done youth ministry in the past actually hurts kids and their families?

I talk to several folks a week who are.... but I have a hunch there are thousands of you.
one of the problems is that you have no voice.
Another problem is that your situation tends to lead to spritual unhealth and that it's easy to become arrogant in this situation.
You don't have to have it all figured out. Just the humility and guts to deal with it honestly with God.
There is honestly not much other youth pastors can do (at least right now) to help you. We can pray for you, with you. and we can invite you into friendships we have. But I can give you a voice. I can let the world hear what you are going through. Do you have the guts to tell them?
i'm not looking for emails about how your sr pastor is a prick. I'm not looking for emails about how you have it all figuired out and the church you serve at sucks. I'm looking for people who think youth ministry as an experiment has failed. Who are love youth and deeply want to change the way it's done... starting with themselves. Is that you? Is this a friend of yours?
Then here's what I want you to do.
email me your story. keep it short. (200 words or less) tell us what you are feeling. what you desire. why you think youth ministry is broken.
i'd like a first name. and a state or province. (city if you want to) These are not bitchy emails. but more like cry's for help.
I don't think anyone knows you are going through what you are going through. Let's let them know.

So here's my email.
I'm going to post them on a seperate blog.. i'm going to announce the blog location in a week or so.
so. spread the word. there are some people who need to know you are out there.

Jay this is God. you were left behind.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Hello!?! Has rapture happened and I have been left behind? (Stupid joke- gag)

So has anyone given any of this conversation any kind of framework to start working towards? By that I mean what is everyone doing now as we consider what youth ministry is and isn't? It is staus quo, coasting along? Or has anyone shaken things up?

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Comments are down.
Give me a few days to get them back up.